Acupuncture is an ancient therapeutic technique that has been established and utilized as a complete treatment system in many developed countries of the western world.

Research shows that acupuncture regulates and balances the hormonal system, the immune system and the system  for stress management. Acupuncture also ensures anti-inflammatory results in a number of diseases. This is a treatment that has a medium and long term effect and  good results may last for months or years.

Acupuncture is completely harmless and has no side effects when applied by appropriately trained doctors. Three-dimensional anatomical areas of the skin and muscles are the acupuncture points, which are usually located in the course of peripheral nerves and nerve endings. Its special anatomical, electrical, chemical and metabolic properties are responsible for the specialized and personalized functionality of acupuncture points.

Many different therapeutic techniques are implemented at Satory acupuncture center: