Acupuncture is one of the oldest therapeutic techniques implemented. In many developed countries of the Western world, in recent decades.

Medical Acupuncture.satory

Medical Acupuncture

Research portrays that acupuncture regulates and balances the:

  • hormonal system,
  • immune system and the
  • stress management system.

Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory effects that are constantly being studied in many pathological conditions. It is a treatment that has immediate and long-term effect, as optimum healing results last months or even years.

Acupuncture is completely safe and has no side effects when administered by properly trained practitioners. Three-dimensional anatomical areas of the skin and muscles are the acupuncture points, which are usually located along the course of peripheral nerves and nerve endings. The anatomical, electrical, chemical and metabolic properties, of these specific anatomical areas, are responsible for the specialization, individualization and functionality of acupuncture points.

Many different techniques are implemented at Satory center. Always depending on the holistic approach, the pathology and the patient:

  • electroacupuncture,
  • auricular acupuncture (ear pinna),
  • abdominal acupuncture,
  • laser acupuncture (mainly applied to children and adults with a phobia of needles).