Researchers from Italy and the United States report that migraine sufferers with obesity, can enjoy decrease in headache severity and improvement in quality of life if they lose weight. The results of their meta-analysis was presented in the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting.

The researchers’ found that weight loss was linked with significant reductions in headache frequency, pain intensity and disability; as well as attack duration.

Migraine improvement was not linked with either degree of obesity at baseline or amount of weight reduction. Also, the effect on migraine was similar when weight reduction was achieved through behavioral intervention or other interventions and was comparable in adults and children.

The mechanisms linking obesity, weight loss and migraine headache are not lucid, according to the authors, but they may include alterations in chronic inflammation, adipocytokines, obesity comorbidities, and psychological risk factors.

So, lose weight in order to improve the migraine attacks and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.