Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is an extremely complex disorder, characterized by excessive and chronic fatigue (exhaustion), which is not interpreted by another pathological condition of the patient. 

The patient’s clinical and biochemical examinations are usually normal, but they constantly feel intense fatigue, exhaustion and sleepiness that does not pass and does not improve with sleep and rest. On the contrary, it steadily worsens over time.

People with the Chronic Fatigue syndrome experience:

  • intense physical exhaustion with tremors,
  • myalgias,
  • headaches,
  • sleep Disorders,
  • impaired memory and / or ability to concentrate
  • reduced functionality,
  • low levels of energy.

The therapeutic technique of biomedical acupuncture in chronic fatigue syndrome is based on the painless placement of special, thin needles in specific parts of the body to activate Qi energy, balancing the body’s functions. This therapy revives the body’s energy and well-being and health.