Multiple clinical trials on the effects of Medical Acupuncture have shown that it successfully treats a variety of pathological conditions.

The World Health Organization (WHO), after extensive research, validated the usefulness of acupuncture in classical medicine in 1979 and again in 2003 and published the list of diseases in which acupuncture treatment has been – scientifically proven – as highly effective. 

Respiratory diseases
-Acute sinusitis
-Allergic rhinitis
– Common cold
-Acute bronchitis
Neurological disorders
– Headache – Migraine
– Neuralgia of the Trigeminal Nerve
-Meniere’s disease
Diseases of the oral cavity
-Acute and chronic pharyngitis
Musculoskeletal disorders
– Shoulder arthritis
-Cervical syndrome
– Epicondylitis of the elbow
-Lumbar Pain
– Osteoarthritis
-Rheumatoid arthritis
Gastrointestinal diseases
-Acute gastritis
– Chronic gastritis
– Ulcer of Duodenum (pain relief)
-Acute and chronic colitis

Other situations:
Obesity, slimming
Nausea – Vomiting
Undesirable effects of chemotherapy
Dermatological Diseases:
Psychosomatic disordes: