Research undertaken by specialized fertility centers worldwide, has demonstrated that medical acupuncture increases fertility. This therapy helps correct infertility problems, both those related to organic disorders and those related to stress. Holistic medicine and in particular medical acupuncture has proved to be the best ally to classical medicine in the field of fertility.

Acupuncture Increases Fertility.Satory

Acupuncture Increases Fertility

Acupuncture is now considered to be particularly beneficial in enhancing fertility. Furthermore, according to traditional Chinese medicine it balances the energy flow of the whole body and of the genital system.

Satory Medical Centre has a Fertility enhancement Acupuncture-program which intensifies the body’s natural potential for a healthy pregnancy. Thus, the body’s ability to conceive and have a healthy baby will increase. The Acupuncture-program will also revitalize the body’s overall health and well-being which makes the whole process even more pleasant.

Specialized Acupuncture therapy at Satory Medical Centre increases fertility, as it:

  • regulates hormones, especially gonadotropin, which improves ovulation.
  • increases blood circulation to the uterus, and
  • improves endometrial quality.

Medical acupuncture is a safe method, without side effects, when performed by a specially trained doctor.