Acu-LLLT acupuncture is the application of therapeutic LLLT (Low Level Laser Light Therapy) whilst using the principles of acupuncture. 

It is a painless treatment, without side effects and most suitable for children.
Fibre optics create an equivalent needle-effect that allows the excitation of up to 10 acupuncture points, due to its optical power density, and the energy of the laser light trigger the acupoint as a a needle would in traditional acupuncture therapy.

Acu-LLLT acupuncture emits specific laser light which directly affects specific receptors in the cell and stimulates the so-called cellular metabolism. This reduces inflammation, swelling and oedema of the nasal chambers in conditions such as allergic rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis or other forms of nasal congestion and runny nose.

Acu-LLLT acupuncture can be used as a single method or in combination with medical acupuncture to further enhance the therapeutic effect.