Acu-Laser Therapy (LLLT), ie the use of therapeutic light waves are a very common therapeutic method that is constantly evolving. How does LLLT treatment work? LLLT (Light Level Laser Therapy) has a direct effect on the cells and causes biostimulation, it has anti-edematous properties and offers complete recovery. It allows for adaptation of cellular energy, thus, improving the interaction with the peripheral nervous system to reduce joint and muscle pain and ultimately heal them.

Acu-LLLT is implemented for therapeutic purposes as it causes photochemical reactions through absorption of light rays by the tissues.  They have a highly tonic effect on cells and tissues, thus, they are also called biostimulating LLLTs. They have no thermal reaction and are completely safe. LLLT treatment is extremely effective in pain and joint mobilization from the very first session, offering immediate relief and the start of rehabilitation.